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Castor Movers San Diego is the answer for major companies having large numbers of employees and equipment units, with raised pricing, inflexibility of services and payment terms. We are not striving for becoming a major company; we are striving for being the best company on the market. May our clients enjoy the work of our staff and save their time and money. In our Moving Company you will find perfect ratio of an excellent value, big range of services and responsibility.

Why Choose Castor

We use only high-grade protective supplies and equipment to make sure your belongings are safe moving with us.

We are fully licensed and insured moving company with state of California.

With us you would only get professional movers, no fresh movers on your move.

All our trucks always clean and fully equipped.

We offer Services

Commercial Moving

Commercial moving can seem like such a daunting task, no matter small or big. For our teams, it’s just another walk in the park. From enormous warehouses to basic offices or even entire office firms, we can help achieve any goal. Our administrators will help you map out the move from start to finish, so you and your affiliates know they are in good hands.

From the FREE on-site estimate to actually booking the reservation, we want to make sure all bases are covered and all parties know the goal for the end outcome. We have package options for our teams with the flexibility to accommodate ANY project with specials every month for commercial customers.

We offer Services

Residental Moving

Here at Castor Movers, we approach every project with one goal, efficiency. We pride ourselves in being able to approach any size residence from the average apartment or home to extravagant high rise condos and multi-thousand square foot mansions, no project is out of our ability. All of our employees have had extensive training/ experience and gone through our extensive hiring process.

So you won’t have your average laborer showing up at your home. From full service packing and moving to the basic labor needs of a move, our teams can provide anything the project requires of us. We even provide FREE on site estimates for projects that qualify.

We offer Services

Long Distance Moving

We approach long distance moves on a more personal basis. Not all projects are the same, especially when moving a great distance. That is why for every long distance project an admin of ours will come out for a FREE on-site estimate to so that we can provide exactly what the project needs to avoid any unnecessary charges.

This makes sure you are only paying for exactly what your project needs to be completed safely and efficiently. The estimate walkthrough only takes about 15-20 minutes and we can get the written estimate sent to your email the same day! We even offer NEXT DAY delivery for projects within range! So get your belongings in a matter of days instead of weeks!


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