5 Frequently Asked Question

Having a computer with an internet connection means its quite easy to determine whether a mover is good or bad. Better Business Bureau has a website, so check it before proceeding with a moving company. Using a company with a low rating means your mover could be trouble. Sometimes if movers can’t be found on the Better Business Bureaus website, it could mean that the mover is new or that they are so bad they request their listing to be removed, so be careful. Ask around and you may find someone who can give you info on a mover. Don’t always rely on reviews on the internet, because they can be fake. Movers sometimes will write fake reviews for the purpose of giving them a better rating in Yahoo or Google. Google favors companies with lots of reviews. A moving company with many bad reviews could be written by people that actually had a bad experience with them, so be careful. Check to make sure the mover has the correct licenses, this is very important. Go to the FMSCA website and enter their Dot number. Most states require movers to be licensed and insured.

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